Friday, October 12, 2012

Never Happen

Do you know how much I miss you, even we never know each other name? Yes we always met or bump into every monday and thursday. But yesterday I didn't saw you? Maybe wrong timing. I went to the restaurant (the restaurant that I saw you hang out after the newspaper incident) to bought my dinner. I try to find you, thought maybe you was there. I failed. But I saw a group of friends and I noticed someone wearing the yellow t-shirt the same color you wore on the other day. My heart strongly believes that it was you, but you didn't turn around, because you're facing the other side. Which I can't see your face. So I asking myself it is you or not. Till now I'm still wondering..

Maybe this is the best way. So that my heart stop liking you and miss you like everyday. I know, on your side, you don't feel anything and not even think of me. But me, I have been poisoned by you. You stole my heart without giving back. Now I feel stupid, I want to forget you and pretend like we never met. But I know I can't. The only way I can forget you is to find someone else or new crush haha. Pity me.

p/s: Saya mudah jatuh hati/jatuh cinta. My weaknesses. Tsk tsk tsk..

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