Sunday, February 26, 2012

So called farewell!

Me and my girls! Will miss you girls after graduate! :( *from Yunahis*

The boys!

The King and Queen! part 1 and part 6 (Saiful!!!! wee!)

The band. From left Adham, Aidy Haris and Saiful. Song: Here Without You! (FAVORITE!!!!)

Couple of the night. Spotted: Main and Hafiz!

Dinie's group, nama tak tau hehe!

*Copy from yuhanis From left Mai, Ajwin, Haikal, Azam, Abad, and Deya. (Where's Aqif and Yb?)

*Copy from others From left Izzati, Ili, Farahain, Tim and Farhana!

*Copy from others! The guys!!!

Apple with her tan skin! Look hot babe! *mcm baru balik pangkor hehe*

Teha the belly dancer! Pika with her stylo scraft and Ain "the artis" :P

As usual sing UiTM Dihatiku song and Negara ku!

Me and beautiful Maria! We both wearing hoodie Jubah!

From left Alan, Shafizal, tak ingat, Shahida, tak ingat, tak ingat, Mut.

Beautiful girls! From left Fatin, Yuhanis, Sarah, Ajwin, Deya, Mai lagi dua tu tak inga tnama. Sorry! (Pija and Eija kot haha)

Ijat. Saiful. Liyana. Hanim. Alan ;)


With our miss selling! Miss Lina!

3 gorgeous! Lagi sorang missing in action (Aien Kecik)! From left Jeera, Yaya and Shiela

Hanim and me with Farouk, the most helpful person!!

Spotted: Amoi and her boyfriend! Two from left! Hanim, Ijat and Lala *ala ala gossip girl gitu haha*

Couple of the night: Zahariman & Huda


with Abu (middle)

Iklan gigi!

Photos of Business Society Gala Dinner : Arabian Night! Ya Habibi! :B *some photos are from others*
Kita dah nak habis daaaahhhhhh!!!! Yeay! All the best guys! ;D Nanti selisih bahu, jumpa tepi jalan ke jangan segan segan nak tegur ya! ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

General Knowledge

This is good article for those who still confuse about Lynas. Happy reading!

Understanding the Lynas Rare Earth plant in 13 questions.

Q1: What is rare earth (RE)?

Rare earth (RE) is just a metal, as ordinary as other metals like iron, silver and gold. The difference between them is we doLinkn’t encounter RE in daily life, e.g. you don’t wear RE bracelets, you don’t build the bridge with RE. It’s precious, valuable and essential for many high-tech industries.

Q2: Who is LYNAS?

LYNAS is the owner of the RE mine and Gebeng plant, incorporated and listed in Australia. LYNAS (M) Sdn. Bhd is wholly owned by LYNAS Inc.

Q3: Where does the RE come from? What is it like?

Like other metals, RE is found in ore (rock) in West Australia. The ore is mined, cleaned and crushed into sand or powder form, before being shipped to Kuantan. The journey is about 5000 km. The size of a single grain of powder can be 100 times smaller than the diameter of a strand of hair.

Q4: Why do they take the RE from Australia and process it here?

The official statement said that Australia cannot provide high-skilled manpower, and that Australia cannot supply enough water, acids and natural gas to process RE.

Q5: What do we get in terms of income?

Malaysia was offered 12 years tax break by LYNAS, which means they do not pay us anything during the first 12 years of operation. Eventually, all revenue generated here will probably be channeled back to the LYNAS Inc. share holders in Australia, and not to LYNAS (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Q6: What do we get in terms of job opportunities?

Only a total of 350 employees are needed, including expatriate, skilled and unskilled workers. The number of employees in a mid-size supermarket is greater than this.

Q7: What do we get in terms of new world-class technology?

Malaysia is not a traditional, major RE-producing county. Transferring RE processing knowledge to Malaysia does not benefit the country and its people considerably.

Q8: So, what actually do we get?

Save the “jobs created, new technology and sales revenue of chemicals, water and natural gas”, strictly speaking, in the first 12 years – nothing! Except large quantities of waste. To be more precise, 500 cubic meters/hour of waste water, 100,000 cubic meters/hour of waste gas and 280,000 tonnes/year of solid waste.

Q9: Is RE dangerous?

Most RE metals are harmless, but in natural ore RE is normally mixed with the radioactive substances. During the separation process, valuable RE is extracted and exported to US, Europe and Japan, leaving behind harmful substances in Kuantan.

Q10: How dangerous is it?

The radioactive substances release radiation and two major toxic materials – radon gas and lead. Radon is a colorless, odorless toxic gas. When it gets into the human body through inhalation, it can damage cells and cause cancer. As for lead, many years ago petrol gas been changed from leaded to unleaded, as we didn’t want lead to be released to the air through our car exhaust. Lead can harm the nervous system, and cause brain and blood diseases. In short, two key hazards can be found in Gebeng RE plant – the radiation and the toxic materials.

Q11: Where and when can the radiation, radon and lead be found?

The RE raw material (in powder or sand form) arrives at the Kuantan port, then gets transported to Gebeng by truck, where it is unloaded, transferred and processed. Waste gas from chimneys, the waste water disposed into the Balok River, the solid wastes that are stored in Gebeng – possibly in all of the above we can find the radioactive substances, which can emit radiation, radon and lead, wherever and whenever they are present.

Q12: Mr. A lives in Balok, 3km from Gebeng. Mr. B lives in Kuantan, 30km from Gebeng. Mr. C lives in KL, 300km from Gebeng. Can the radioactive materials endanger them?

In short, the answer is NO for all of them if they stay more than 100 metres away from radioactive materials. But, the answer is YES for all three if they consumed these harmful substances, even if they stay hundreds of kilometres away. WHY? The radiation emitted in Gebeng doesn’t travel long distance to harm us, hence if you stand a short distance away from the materials without consuming it, all you will get is a slight radiation. Radon gas and lead in general do not affect our body externally, as we are protected by our skin. However, if these radioactive materials contaminate the solid waste, waste water and waste gas, they will be released to the atmosphere, water streams and eventually the food chain. Once the radioactive materials enter the human body via inhalation, ingestion and wound penetration, the radiation, radon and lead will be released inside the body and these can cause very serious consequences.

Q13: Why did they say that it is safe? Why did they say that the radioactivity is low? Who should I listen to?

You decide who you should listen to! It’s your life, it’s your family, it’s your home. See above to understand why they said the radioactivity is low. The media, authorities and LYNAS have failed to report the consequences of consuming radioactive materials.

*The questions were answered by Dr. Lee Chee Hong, Chemical Engineering Expert on Metals.

Radiation is all around us.

Humans have been exposed to radiation from natural sources since the dawn of time. The sources include the ground we walk on, the air we breath, the food we eat and the solar system on the whole. Everything in our world contains small amounts of radioactive atoms like Potassium 40, Radium 226 and Radon 222. These are either left over from the creation of the world (like Uranium and Radium) or made by interactions with cosmic radiation (like Carbon 14 and Tritium). The Earth is constantly in a flux of cosmic radiation from outer space. These natural sources of radiation make up approximately 82 percent of the average annual dose to the US public.

Source: LoyarBurok and Radiation and Us

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hi guys! Now everyone seems busy to complete their assignments and test! Our final exam start 12 March! Wohoo dah final weh! Pejam celik pejam celik dah habis dah. This is my last semester in Diploma Business Studies, soon insyaAllah I will continue my study in degree level. So the first choice of my degree I choose Operation Management! Haha. At first I would like to continue in International Business, but now in my diploma level I learn the introduction in Int. Business and it's kind of complicated so i decided to put in my second choice haha. Hopefully my choice is the right for me. Yeah everyone was confused on choosing what course suitable for them so do I. But Alhamdulilllah dah submit dah pun, I don't mind if it is in Dungun or Shah Alam or Perak. HAHA okay TIPUUU!! Sebenarnya kisah! hahha

Okay I don't mind if dia letak kat mana mana pun ada pros and cons lah kan.
Tak kisah because new environment, new life, new friends and everything new i like that haha BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I don't like and like if tercampak dekat this three place are!!!


Cuti! Cuti dia tak sama mcm kat lain! Nanti kita cuti org lain tak cuti. Terengganu and Kelantan kan cuti jumaat and sabtu. Ahad dorang dah start kelas and kerja so tak best lah!

Like: Dekat nak balik "RUMAH"!!!!!!!!!!! and balik rumah tok wan! hehe ;)


Errr jauuuhhhhh kooottttttttttttt! Susah lah nk balik tiap2 minggu! hehehhe

Dekat dgn Pulau Pangkor! and bnyk tempat tak sampai lagi kat sana. So boleh jalan2 :) Sedara mara pun ada kat sana. Mmg lah tak kenal sgt and tak rapat, so time ni lah kita eratkan silaturahim kan kan! :))

Shah Alam

Em maybe bandar sgt haha, too many entertainment and malls. So duit akan cepat habis anda ashik "joli je nanti" hahhah

Dekat juga nak balik "RUMAHHHHH"!!! and and boleh balik rumah Atok! Sedara mara, sepupu sepapat ramai kat sana so mana-mana pun boleh pegi!!!! :D

So the conclusion is semuanya berserah kepadanya. Kat mana dia letak mungkin ada baiknya kat situ. But kata hati mcm kuat je dekat Dungun hahha. Ada lah tu hikmahnya. Tapi the result still tak keluar lagi so tunguu ke lah! :P

*Oh last week ada pegi Gala Night! It's Business Society Dinner! Theme Arabian and what I love about that night was majority all part 6 my batch came!!! Ada lah certain tak dapat. I gonna miss that night! Pictures? Soonnnnn!!! hehehe*

Orite tadaa for now! I'm going to settle up my Enterprenuer assignment! Chao!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Raya Cina

I know dah lama dah raya cina, my family and i camping at Sungai Lembing, Pahang. 2 days 1 night! Next day we went to "Bukit Panorama"!!! Best weh! ;)

Ohh Salam Maulidur Rasul. :)