Friday, October 5, 2012


Dear Stranger,

We met at the library, I took the newspaper on the table and I don’t know the newspaper was yours. Then you ask your friend where is your newspaper, the newspaper is with me. Hahaha. Till that day, we always bump into each other!

Yesterday, same place same time. We met again. When I entered the library, you saw me and I saw you. But you pretend to read the newspaper. I think you knew it was me, the girl who borrowed your newspaper. Then I walked and try to act cool and after that my friend and I giggle. Because I feel like I'm dreaming, we meet at the same place and the same time last week. You sat on the sofa near the tv and hold the newspaper, same position where I sat last week. I feel something, something that make me happy and smile all the day.

Now, in the sea of people my eyes always searching for you. I know I don’t want to feel that feeling but whenever we bump into each other, my heart loves the view. I notice that you remember me and I am glad if you really remember. I hope we will meet again someday.