Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"All You Never Say" - Birdy

All you never say is that you love me so
All I'll never know is if you want me oh
If only I could look into your mind
Maybe then I'd find a sign
Of all I want to hear you say to me

Are you uncertain?
Or just scared to drop your guard?
Have you been broken?
Are you afraid to show your heart?

Life can be unkind
But only sometimes
You're giving up before you start

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I find myself waiting

I find myself waiting
for a call from you, a text
message, an email, a letter
in my mailbox with a Vincent
van Gogh stamp in the corner.
I’m still waiting, still anticipating
for the moment when you
will bring me back into your
life, or come back into mine.
It’s been nine months since I have
last heard from you. We went
from being inseparable for three
years to being complete strangers
in a matter of minutes. What were
we thinking when we thought
that this distance between us
could only make us stronger,
only bring us closer together?
We were fools in love from the
very start, and now that we
have reached our end I can
still only see us as those hopeless
romantics who are yearning
for love like it was the only
feeling that we ever needed
to keep us from falling apart.
"We may have been fools, but at least we were fools in love," - Colleen Brown


I know that you know that I still want this, still want you. If anyone happened to look in my eyes, they could see the same thing. They could see where I went wrong when I told you that there would never be enough love inside of my heart for the both of us. They could see those words laced in regret and a fire that has been created from dedication in hopes of getting you back. So when you look into my eyes I hope you can see where I went wrong and just how much energy I’ve used trying to make it right.


Did you

Did you really think that trying
to remove my memory from
your mind would really work?
When you became a part of my
life I became a permanent
part of your body. I am inside
of every limb, and you can
try to scrub yourself clean
of me but I can promise you
that no amount of soap and water
will ever free you from the effect
that I had on your entire being.


Thursday, August 14, 2014


First of all, alhamdulillah syukur. Result exam keluar hari ni, I'm so grateful that I passed all subject but kinda frust that I didn't get dean list. I was praying and hoping for that and I work very hard in able to get dean list. But maybe Allah have better plan for me, I believe in him. Mesti semua yang dia atur ni ada hikmah disebaliknya. Yes, I'm upset and down but thank you Allah, thank you. Alhamdulillah. Congratulation to all my friends we made it till the end. See you at graduation day! love :*

*sabar Liyana, sabar. Ada perkara yang lebih baik menunggu di hadapan. InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Jangan ditanya mengapa
Kalau hati sudah tawar.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Give me a little bit of time so I can be just like you;

In time I can also feel how you are feeling about me. In time I will also be able to pretend our 2 year relationship meant nothing. In time I can also flirt with whoever I want without thinking about you. In time I can also spend a weekend away to socialize with a group of people and not wishing you were there too. In time I can wonder about a new technology and not thinking about exploring it with you. In time, I will also be able to wonder ‘What if?’ when an attractive person is standing in front of me. In time, I will have absolutely no loyalty to you. In time, I can also be with someone new. In time, I will also be able to appear like a champion to you, how I have once convinced you to be mine and then smashed your heart into pieces but whats really going to happen is that in time, I will be able to forget about what you’ve done to me, forget about how we came from point A to B like it was a bad dream, and forgive you because I’ve completely forgotten all about you.

Confuse and Complicated

Sometimes I think of you and really miss you, and sometime I don't and I don't wanna know anything about you. I'm tired. I hate this mix feelings. I am so confusing and complicated, yes I know.

I'm not ready to give commitment, but yet I want to be loved. How's that? Pretty confusing huh. I like the relationship after I let you go, I mean we don't have any special relationship but deep in our heart we know the feeling is there and the way I can be myself around you, I can act silly, and laugh and joking with you. I love all that. But when it comes to a real relationship like a lover I feel uncomfortable and awkward. That is why I don't wanna continue this relationship, I'm happy like this and I know you're not. Men wanna have a real relationship so that people will know hey, that's my girl (this is what I'm thinking). I always think if we be lover now, later when we get married this relationship is going to be boring. Because we have figure out everything during the dating phase and know everything about each other. So I like to have a close friends kinda relationship then when the time comes and both ready in term of mental, financial, emotion, knowledge and everything then we just get married and we can do what ever we want.

So yeah,  I'm sorry. I believe in Allah plan, always. And it's true "kalau jodoh tak kemana".

Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Raya :)

This year raya at my dad's side in Kelantan. We did lts of activities there! and it was so much fun catch up with aunties, uncles and cousins! Macam-maca ada, open house, bbq, family day, buat ketupat, majlis berbuka puasa, kait buah-buahan, futsal and more! Alhamdulillah thank you Allah. :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hello Hello


Masih tak terlambat nak ucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir batin. So macam mana raya? Seronok? Fuhh lama gilaa tak update blog. Orang lain pun dah ramai tak berbelog ye dak. Tapi bagus juga, boleh luar perasaan kat sini. Tak de orang baca hehe. Duit raya tahun ni tak banyak pun dapat. Tak sampai 30 ringgit pun. Sedayyy.

Alhamdulillah through ups and downs I finished my study Bachelor in Business Management. Dia punya penangan final year dashat. Tapi syukur sangat semua berjalan dgn lancar. Orang cakap bersusah-susah dahulu kan. Tapiii sangat lah penat since tempat intern ialah retail store so cuti satu hari seminggu je. Timing pulak bukan office hours lagi laa penat, bila time off day kena jumpa advisor (lecturer). So entah bila time rehat nya tah. Pening dengan thesis lagi, correction correction correction! Haa pastu balik kerja malam pukul 10pm kejar train nk pegi Shah Alam sorang-sorang. Fuhh. Kalau nk cerita memang tak habis tapi mcm tu lah. Alhamdulillah bila presentation semua okay bejalan dgn lancar sekali. Advisor and second examiner pun sempoi je tak banyak cekadak so rasa legaa sangat. Banyak benda nak cerita ye la lama tak ber-blog. So nanti kalau tiba-tiba update pasal cinta-cintun tu buat-buat tak nampak je la.

Dah nama final year, tiba-tiba ada love story pulak akhir akhir ni. Hahaha :p Ceritanya panjang, tapi kita pendek kan. This guy was my classmate, so kitaorg pun keluar sama, cit chat lah and share interest everything. Time tu 2 weeks ke 1 week before study week. We like each other tapi tak de la so-called declare yg kitaorg ni boipreng girlpreng. Kira teman tapi mesra la, macam close friends. The relationship continue sampai lah part 6, but ada problem skit la. It's all about me, tak de kena mengena pun dengan dia. and the story to be continue... hahahha

Jadii, keada yang berpuasa 6, selamt berpuasa! Pada siapa yg buat open house tu jemput2 lah haha. Semoga selamat semuanya, take care ;)