Friday, April 29, 2011


Dorang sangat cool! ;D

Prince William and Kate Middleton

During his years in university, William participated in typical university life, going to bars and socialising with his friends; of himself he said: "I'm not a party animal, despite what some people might think."[9] Like his father before him, William's private life became the subject of tabloid speculation and gossip, especially around his relationship with Kate Middleton, who had been one of William's university flatmates and whom William began dating in 2003. Middleton attended the Prince's passing-out parade at Sandhurst, marking the first high-profile event that she attended as William's guest. The relationship between Prince William and Middleton was followed so closely that bookmakers took bets on the possibility of a Royal Wedding and the retail chain Woolworths produced memorabilia bearing the likenesses of the two.[61] Media attention became so intense that William had to make a specific request to the paparazzi that they keep their distance from Middleton and him. In March 2007, Middleton complained of media harassment by the Daily Mirror.[61] It was reported in April 2007 that the couple had split,[61][62] though in June, Middleton attended a party at Lulworth Army Barracks as the guest of Prince William,[63] and in July the Concert for Diana, which had been organised by Princes William and Harry.[64] In August, she accompanied William on holiday in the island of Des Roches in the Seychelles, and in October she joined Prince Charles and Prince Harry for a shooting party at Balmoral. In June 2008, along with the Royal Family, Middleton attended William's investiture into the Order of the Garter. (wikipedia)

Watch live Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Ceremony at NTV7 now! hehe so romantic and sweettt :)

Boyfriend! ;)

and this hehe

Saturday, April 16, 2011

and ends with tears. are you happy?

Hi i wasted a very long time like you, and end up you with someone else. Thank you very much.
Yes it's true i'm not good with words. Not like her. She's very good and can make you laugh everytime you together. Emm am i not good enough for you?

Now i feel lost inside myself..and the best part of me is hidden. You know why? because i had so many chances i blew cause i was too damn shy.. I'm not afraid to try again it just i'm afraid of getting hurt for the same reason. I have so much to say, but whenever the time comes to say it, I'm silent. All i want to get away..

Tired of trying, sick of crying.. Yeah i'm smiling, inside i'm dying..

I assume too much. Sometime i hate having feelings.. and no i'm not okay..

I still haven't found what i'm looking for.. p.s i never told you but i was falling in love with you.

Sometime i ask myself why me???

I just want you to notice me.

If you love me, let me know. But now... all gone...

And i keep saying don't be in love with someone else and i'm scare to see you with someone else..

It's hard when someone special ignores you, but it's still even harder to pretend you don't care.
The more i expect, the harder things are..

Think i might go out for a walk, nothing happening here, nothing ever does..

Actually i'll be fine as long as he stay single. You know what, i want to text you so badly but i feel like i am bothering you..

I am invisible. It actually hurt. My advise you cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump.

I love being yours. I still remember the first day i met you. I want you right next to me..
Talking to you makes my day, but now you find someone else better.. I'm sick of just liking people. I wish to GOD I should meet somebody I should respect. I hope you're happy..
Basically, i wished that you love me.. Arghh what is wrong with me!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Clinique Beauty Workshop

Ad jadi model

ad and fatin

Pika and Teha

With Aween and Qisol

Habis kelas kebetulan ada Clinique Beauty Workshop apa lagi join je lah. Siapa tak nak kalau dapat goodies hehe :) So me and my classmate join the workshop. Get some useful information there. Please come again. To others beauty brands you are welcome hehe so that we can get lots of info and the most important thing GOODIESSSSS hehehe :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lose weight

Lagi seminggu dah nak final. Wish me all the best ok! Miss homee! :((