Sunday, December 30, 2012

Graduation Day!

Yes, kali ni banyak gambar. I would like to thank everyone who always help me and give me support and pray for me. Espeacially to my beloved mama, baba and family. Thank you so much, Allah je dpt balas jasa tu. Thank you mama for always be there for me. Who always help me with my assignment hehe bila tak tahu call mama, nak buat decision pun call mama. Saya bukan anak manja tapi tu la. Bila nk mengadu tak puas hati dengan orang pun call mama, bila suka kat someone pun call mama. Thank you ma thank you so much. You're my everything!! Terima kasih ya Allah.

Baba, you are the happiest person in the world I think, I can see when I first enter the hall and when I looked at you, I know you're happy and proud. So this is for you. Dulu saya ni tak pandai sangat. Biasa biasa je. Pastu biasa lah parent selalu banding kan dgn yang ni lah yg tu la, and I'm the one yang tak top among them haha. Baba selalu cakap nak anak dia masuk u. So bila dapat masuk u I know baba happy, ye la first time hantar anak masuk u. Time registration part one diploma, bila dah siap angkat barang and baba nak balik, I can feel that he's happy and nmpk mcm berair mata haha. So thank you baba, dengan doa dan semangat yang tak putus. I love you! I love you so much! Terima kasih ya Allah.

To my all friends, terima kasih tak terhingga. Terima kasih to @kimpart1 maria, pika, ain, apple, teha, ecah, hanim, ben and ijat! Dengan "kadang-kadang" assignment hantar last minit, study last minit, gaduh salah faham, merajuk gembira suka ria, bersedih, bergelak, travel sama-sama, repeat sama-sama :P (menyesal gila babs!) berjaya sama-sama, semua lah. Thank you banyak ajar, banyak bagi semangat. I still remember tengah otw nk jalan balik bilik dari kelas, boleh menangis sambil jalan sbb stress tak dapat buat MAT140 haha to me susah gilaaa kot! -.- but alhamdulillah lulus jugak. So congratulation guys! We made it! Yeay! Macam mimpi. So now we have 1 more mission to go! Complete degree! All the best guys! All the best for final exam too! :D Oh not to forget big thank you to all my lecturers!! ;)

Semoga kita berjaya dunia akhirat! Amin :) XO

Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh My GOD!!!!!

Lama tak post! :) I've been thinking about this lately, since this is the last week of study before final exam I really wanna know his name, the stranger I met at the library. So today as usual my friends and I have our lunch at Pak Mat. I never see him eating at Pak Mat till one day I saw him there. It was last week I think. After that, I  do saw him when I'm on my way to class.

So today yes, I saw him at Pak Mat again! I don't believe it, till he buy food and eat with his friends. He walked behind me. Me and Ijat was about to leave, but he walked again to buy drinks, then I told Ijat I wanna ask his name, but I'm too afraid. Then when we stand up and about to leave, we both berselisih :P at that time, bila dia dah dekat mcm tak jadi lah nk ckp, tapi si Ijat dah pilih laluan yg kena jalan sebelah dia so suddenly I asked "eh nama you apa?" then he look at me and answered "A..." terus jawab without asking kenapa eh? ye la sesetengah mcm tak nak bg tahu kan, tapi dia terus jawab. Then I repeat "A...?" Pastu baru la dia tanyanya "kenapa ae?" Then I replied "oh tak de apa-apa". Then he gave me adorable smileeee so cuteeee mannnn!!!!! :P Caiiiirrrr siot! hahaha So I'm so proud of myself!! Sbb berani siooott!! Tau tak bertapa nk luluh jantung and tebal muka and malu, and takut bila nak tanya nama tu!!! Arghhh akhirnya aku berjayaa!!! Wehoo! :)) So I expect him to take the next step! Pleaseeeee!! We have only 4 days before study week, then we never ever see each other again.. kecuali dengan izin Allah, kita jumpa time kerja ke apa ke tu lain cerita  lah kan. I guess if you don't take any action then I understand.

p/s: I wanna know his name cause I want to search him at facebook, but he gave me only his nickname, how am I suppose to search? Tapi sbb saya ni pro! hahaha and I found you! I don't know whether this is my luck or what. But I found you. So nice to meet you MR AR :) I'm Liyana by the way. See you around and please make a move!

Friday, November 30, 2012

After a long time.

I don't saw you quite a long time, since mid term break till today. I have no idea that I would saw you after my Friday class, when I walked out from the class while talking to my friend suddenly I saw you, and yes you saw me. I was so shocked! I tried to smile but I didn't, and I miss you, I miss seeing you..

p/s: This is actually quite weird, but no offense rite. I know this is like "bertepuk sebelah tangan" but I choose to love you in silence. Well actually I don't, I wanna tell you I like you, but I think it's too much.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hello Friday!

"Every morning I wake up and the first thing I want to do is to see your face." -P.S. I Love You

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Karaoke with the girls and late lunch at Bara Restaurant. At night My roomate, her friends and me went to UiTM Mock Trial 2012: Saksi Terakhir Theater Musical at DATC organized by Law Society! The opening was awesome man! and I love the band and the singers!! They got beautiful voice! Love em! :)

@DATC Saksi Terakhir! :)

Karaoke and makan-makan!! :D



 Heart shape Telur Gorengg!

As simple as that.

You know, if I need someone to talk to, he's there for me. That's all I need.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Move on

I actually telling myself to stop think about him and stop dreaming that he's the one who is going to start the conversation first. I want to forget him and just live my life like normal. You know like nothing happen between us. I don't want to find him when I'm walking at the hallway or everywhere that the possibilities I might see him. But, suddenly today I saw him when I walked to class. This is the first time I met him on Wednesday. Before this I never met/saw him on Wednesday. Usually we always see each other on Monday and Thursday.  Okay that's fine. He didn't see me and I don't feel anything.

After finished my first class, my friend and I bought rojak then I thought I might see him at his class, but guess what? on my way to my next class, suddenly he pop out in front of me, and I was shocked! Yes, he looked at me and when my eyes reach his eyes for first sigh,t I quickly change my view and talk to my friend. On that time, I think I didn't breathing when he walks beside me, and I pretend like I don't know him and nothing happen. After that I realize that we wore same color today. He wore green collar t-shirt and I'm wearing green blouse.

P/s: I want to smile at him, but maybe I'm just too ego to start it first, and sometimes I like him and sometimes I don't. So I don't know lah. I think, I should just smile and be friendly, because this is the last semester I might see him, next semester he's going to do the practical and I will not see him anymore.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Last sunday Helmi and I went back to Kuantan. Ajim not following us, he wanted to stay there in KL. The reason why I'm going back because I want to spend my mid term break at home. Yes, I really really miss home! and of course because nk teman Helmi. Tapii dia pulak pegi kem kat Pekan, 3 hari 2 malam. So I'm home alone hehe. On tuesday my friend H asked me out. Makan-makan jalan2 semua along with his cousin, S. Jadi kami keluarlah bertiga. We went to eat mee calong, since his cousin,S from KL craving the mee calong haha. Then we went to the mall, S want to find something to gave to his little brother. Their parents also went to Mecca doing haji. He want to buy  Ben10 toys or stationary but end up bought a helicopter. Then H want to find a t-shirt bila dah try, terus pakai haha katanya, nak suruh selesa! Time bayar dia dah pakai baju tu, and the promoter gunting tag and scan! Fuhh tak pernah lagi tgk org macam tu hahaha. S siap tanya saya whether I want anything?!! Masalahnya tu kedai baju lelaki hahaha apa je yg nak dibeli, kan kan. :P (dalam hati: waa bagus betul budak ni! nk belanja ke? haha) Lepas dah shopping semua, dorang tanya nk buat apa, main bowling? bosan, Karaoke? segan. Snooker? then saya ckp tak nak lah sbb kat tmpt snooker tu selalunya ramaaiiii orang kot! and semuanya LELAKI! Takutt ah nk masuk. Before this pun masuk dgn family and dapat bilik. :)

Tapi last last main jugak since the other side kosong. Kiranya belah kiri je ramai lelaki and penuh. Belah kanannya kosong and hari tu weekdays tak ramai orang. So ambil 1 meja, and mesti la saya pun main jugakkan. Buat apa setakat tengok je, bosan la macam tu. Now I know how to play, I mean ikut rules dia la. Sebelum ni main cocok je. HAHAHA and I'm the only girl and pakai tudung pulak tu kat dalam tu. Haha tapi sebab tak ramai lelaki and ada aunty sorang ni yg jaga kat kaunter and a few boys kat situ which is my neighbour so tak de la rasa pelik :) After that we went to eat. The best part was masa tengah makan tu, H cerita pasal apa entah, then suddenly he mention to his cousin that "ni lah bestfriend aku" dah la aku tengah makan mulut penuh time tu and I was like what? me? ye ke? hahaha (sambil gerak tangan je, dah mulut penuh haha) So I felt overwhelmed, tak sangka la. Sebab before this masa kat sekolah we do know each other and kalau naik bas pun dia tegur my friend sebab dorang classmate, but then, after finish school entah kenapa tiba-tiba jadi rapat, dia rajin call, sometimes when he have problem he share with me and he always give support and lately dia selalu call ajak lepak but I'm not there in Kuantan haha. Till that day finally keluar lah jugak, after 2 years kot tak lepak sama hahhaa, Uihh lamaa gilaa! Time raya hari tu pun dia tak dapat datang. Oh ya! Baru teringat last year ada jumpa laa time kakak dia kawen. :) His sister was my senior when I was in UiTM Segamat. Now his sister is pregnant and tak lama lagi H is going to be uncle! Wee! ;)

*and I don't know why I post this?? heh

Monday, October 29, 2012

Macam mimpi

Raya kedua aidiladha tak sangka kita jumpa. His name is G (bukan nama sebenar). We know each other from our friends. My friend and her boyfriend konon nak kenalkan kitaorg. So exchange phone number. Start kenal time diploma, time tu dia degree and saya final year diploma (part6). Kitaorg ada plan nak lepak sama, ye lah dah kawan at least kena lepak. Hehe tapi tak berkesempatan. So kitaorg keep in touch through chatting and sms. Till that day, my uncle ajak datang rumah dia dinner sama-sama. So I text him saja2 cakap yang I pegi sana. Rumah dia and uncle dekat area yang sama. Then we meet up! Walaupun lepak sambil diri haha but it was nice to see you. My uncle siap suruh masuk rumah makan minum semua haha. Nak tergelak pun ye sebenarnya. Mest awkward gilaaa kalau lepak dalam rumah. :P Tapi chill sudeh! :) So that's the story.

Next day I met my girlfriends Maria and Hanim! Hanim make baked macaroni which is so delicious!! and this is my second time rasa masakan dia. She can cook man! Cepat cepat kawenn!! :D Then lepak-lepak rumah dia. Plan nk pegi wangsa walk tapi tak sempat. So we chit chat je kat rumah dia sambil posing posing ambil gambo! "girls are girls" hehe :) Rinduu gila kat dua orang ni! Mana taknya sorang tercampak kat utara sorang lagi timur haa hijrah la korang! hehe So Hanim, do invite us for next recipe! Masak sedap sedap! I'm gonna miss you girls! Love Kiss Hugs! Muah pipi kanan, muahh pipi kiri! :)