Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rindu terbalas

This is actually weird. Who ever read this might think I'm SS "syok sendiri" So what? as long as I'm happy then it is okay with me. Like, are you going to make me happy? Duhh of course not. So rindu terbalas sebab I saw him at the library today. First I enter the room I saw him, I don't know whether he notice me or not, but who cares. I just want to feels better since we not met on last thursday so we met today. I try to avoid those feelings and I need to find new crush so that I can forget him. Haha but only God knows how I truly likes him. Yeaa he's handsome. Haha I know, when we like or love someone, all we see are their kindness, handsomeness, good attitude and all yang baik-baik lah.

My friend said if you want to forget him, find what you don't like about him. The thing is we don't even know each other and how am I suppose to don't like him. Hello! I start to fall in love with him?!! I mean not exactly fall in love but I likes him laa. Grr!

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