Friday, June 20, 2008

Improve my english.

Just now my mother and I talked. We talked about career, leadership, communication and how to speak in English better. My mother told me to credit in all subjects. This will be more easy to choose any course when I want to go to university. About leadership, my mother told me that I have strong communication skill with other people. No matter adult, teen or children, all I can fit in. I ask my mother how to speak English better like her, and how to improve English. Especially when writing a story. I have been jealous with other people who can speak in English clearly and very well. I showed a blog named Nada to my mother. The blog is written by a girl, about her daily life. Her English is good and better than mine. Then I showed my mother a post Survey i did (see the post below). My mother said I was ego and stubborn because the question is in English but I answered in Malay mix with English. I had also use short form words like "Coz" instead of because. So now I want to edit the post with new answers with proper English (in italic).

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