Thursday, July 9, 2015


Dear M,

I saw you two years ago, then I saw you back in April. I asked my friend about you, then he sort of help me to get to know you by giving my phone number to you.

When my friend gave my number to you, you whatsapp me on the same day. You start the conversation first , and you always say Hi first. After a few days you asked me out, but its late and we have to set other time. The moment you asked me out I was the happiest girl on earth.

Then we went out for iftar at Sara Thai, well actually you have no idea what I was look alike, just looking at my whatsapp picture. But I’m pretty sure my friend have told you about me and show my picture. *I guess* Then since your car broke down I have to pick you up, which is so awkward. In the car I asked you “dah order makanan?” and then you said “Dah, air je belum.” and I asked “order makan apa?” you replied “Surprise”. I was like berbunga-bunga. Haha Girlssss biasa lah. After makan, solat and we went to ECM for shopping. I feel like special, you treat me well plus you’re taller than me. I feel safe and secure. Normally orang yang suka kat saya rendah2 skit haha :p Then we went to Uniqlo, you wanted to buy jeans, then we moved to Giordano. You asked me which size better, M or L. I feel like newly wed haha sebab shopping sama-sama. Okay overr! :p Then sambung shopping after that we went to Bazaar at Stadium to find your baju raya. Last stop at Acutera Restaurant, bought your makanan for sahur and of course we ordered drink and talk about everything. I told you that tomorrow is my last day at work. I’m gonna start new job at Terengganu, and you feel happy for me. Then I sent him home.

The feeling after that only God knows. I really happy and hati rasa berbunga-bunga macam dilamun cinta. Actually memang la, but at that time I know he had a girlfriend. So I have to control my feeling towards him. Conclusion is, I’m so so so so happy because dalam banyak-banyak crush sebelum ni, experience ni paling best. Because you like him first then suddenly he text you (with help from a friend la) and dia yang put effort to text you first and asked me out (berdua). Which is soooo sweet. Sampai mama pun suka kat dia. The best part is kawan mama cakap dia ni tak pernah keluar lepak2 dgn perempuan, (kecuali dia pg Shah Alam jumpa girlfriend dia) and suddenly it turns out to be me? Lagi lah rasa special haha. :) And masa keluar tu ada la terjumpa kawa office dia, tapi buat biasa je. Esoknya dia pegi office kawan dia tanya dia pergi mana semalam. Haha nak kecoh jugak la satu office.

So, It was nice meeting you and keluar makan shopping semua. Dah lama tak rasa perasaan tu. Thank you M.

P/s: Tapi....... after that night ada la chat, and he asked me out. Cumanya I feel tak selesa mengenangkan dia ada girlfriend and kitaorg keluar berdua. Memang lah lelaki kalau nk keluar, nk keluar berdua and nk somebody sbb girlfriend jauh. Tapii entah la... (bersambung..)

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