Thursday, September 19, 2013

If only I could turn back time, what are the things I wish to change?

Good morning people!

So, if I can turn back time, first of all macam biasa lah  I wish I can study harder and get good grades so that I can get into science stream class and now maybe I can further my studies in engineering or doctor maybe haha. Next thing I  can control my eating behavior so that I can maintain my body just like in high school. But now everything has changed, I'm fat and tak fit langung hmm.

Other than that I want to be happy and not to think about small small things and I don't have to think about problems and do what ever I wanted to do. I can play all the time, I can hang out with friends playing baseball, "bola sliper", football (I'm quite boyish back then haha) but no worries I also have barbies! Haa don't judge me :p


In my diploma I wish I could more struggle and be smart so that I can get dean list at my first semester, but I end up main-main and not focus so the result macam biasa lah kan, kalau dah main-main. So in my degree now, I learn to be more focus and try to get good result. Alhamdulillah first semester I performed well, but not like last semester. My pointer drop gilaa! and I was so frustrated and sad, I wish I can maintain my good result, so this semester since it is my last semester before practical and final year. I want to do my very best and grad on time. InsyaAllah,amin.

Lastly, I wish I can spend more time with my arwah Opah (my mum's side). She passed away when I was small and I can't recall much what are the things I've done with her, I mean the memories. I miss her and I want to spend more time talking and cooking with her or do every "nenek" would do with their cucu. But semua orang akan pergi, at least sempat juga berjumpa and kenal macam mana rupa dia. Oh and I wish I can meet my arwah Tok Ayah (dad's side), he passed away since my dad kecil lagi. Jadi memang tak sempat lah nak jumpa. Now all my grandparents dah tiada for both side, semoga mereka ditempatkan dikalangan orang yang beriman. Al-fatihah.

So, that's my story. Maybe banyak lagi things I wish to change, tapi lupa haha. Whatever it is, past is past, we should move on and be better. Semoga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam dan sebelumnya. :)


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