Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh My GOD!!!!!

Lama tak post! :) I've been thinking about this lately, since this is the last week of study before final exam I really wanna know his name, the stranger I met at the library. So today as usual my friends and I have our lunch at Pak Mat. I never see him eating at Pak Mat till one day I saw him there. It was last week I think. After that, I  do saw him when I'm on my way to class.

So today yes, I saw him at Pak Mat again! I don't believe it, till he buy food and eat with his friends. He walked behind me. Me and Ijat was about to leave, but he walked again to buy drinks, then I told Ijat I wanna ask his name, but I'm too afraid. Then when we stand up and about to leave, we both berselisih :P at that time, bila dia dah dekat mcm tak jadi lah nk ckp, tapi si Ijat dah pilih laluan yg kena jalan sebelah dia so suddenly I asked "eh nama you apa?" then he look at me and answered "A..." terus jawab without asking kenapa eh? ye la sesetengah mcm tak nak bg tahu kan, tapi dia terus jawab. Then I repeat "A...?" Pastu baru la dia tanyanya "kenapa ae?" Then I replied "oh tak de apa-apa". Then he gave me adorable smileeee so cuteeee mannnn!!!!! :P Caiiiirrrr siot! hahaha So I'm so proud of myself!! Sbb berani siooott!! Tau tak bertapa nk luluh jantung and tebal muka and malu, and takut bila nak tanya nama tu!!! Arghhh akhirnya aku berjayaa!!! Wehoo! :)) So I expect him to take the next step! Pleaseeeee!! We have only 4 days before study week, then we never ever see each other again.. kecuali dengan izin Allah, kita jumpa time kerja ke apa ke tu lain cerita  lah kan. I guess if you don't take any action then I understand.

p/s: I wanna know his name cause I want to search him at facebook, but he gave me only his nickname, how am I suppose to search? Tapi sbb saya ni pro! hahaha and I found you! I don't know whether this is my luck or what. But I found you. So nice to meet you MR AR :) I'm Liyana by the way. See you around and please make a move!


DiNieezyANe said...

go go go!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! bravo dude!
u really make ur move!
tabik ah! yeah sure babe,
be proud of yourself!!

haha. i was soooo excited when i read this entry! haha.

i can imagine the moment,
the dupdapdupdap everything.

this is just awesome! ;)

well mr.AR, her name is liyana.
noted that, okay? :P

Journalist said...

Anonymous: Hahaha tu la macam tak percaya!!! :)

Dinie: hehehe alaa nothing change pun bila tanya nama. So no point! :P