Thursday, November 8, 2012

Move on

I actually telling myself to stop think about him and stop dreaming that he's the one who is going to start the conversation first. I want to forget him and just live my life like normal. You know like nothing happen between us. I don't want to find him when I'm walking at the hallway or everywhere that the possibilities I might see him. But, suddenly today I saw him when I walked to class. This is the first time I met him on Wednesday. Before this I never met/saw him on Wednesday. Usually we always see each other on Monday and Thursday.  Okay that's fine. He didn't see me and I don't feel anything.

After finished my first class, my friend and I bought rojak then I thought I might see him at his class, but guess what? on my way to my next class, suddenly he pop out in front of me, and I was shocked! Yes, he looked at me and when my eyes reach his eyes for first sigh,t I quickly change my view and talk to my friend. On that time, I think I didn't breathing when he walks beside me, and I pretend like I don't know him and nothing happen. After that I realize that we wore same color today. He wore green collar t-shirt and I'm wearing green blouse.

P/s: I want to smile at him, but maybe I'm just too ego to start it first, and sometimes I like him and sometimes I don't. So I don't know lah. I think, I should just smile and be friendly, because this is the last semester I might see him, next semester he's going to do the practical and I will not see him anymore.

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