Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Getting a real kick out of performing

(Thursday, 16 December) Yahoo news

Usher has laughed off being kicked in the face by a fan, insisting it is a “hazard of the job”.

The 32-year-old R&B singer was performing at Madison Square Garden in New York on Monday night when the incident happened. Usher had invited a female fan onto the stage so he could serenade her and the pair sat down on a coach.

As the star was singing, the overzealous admirer tried to get closer to him and accidentally hit him in the nose with her high heel boot.

Usher insists he wasn’t hurt during the mishap, adding he was thoroughly amused by it.

“It’s a hazard of my job. In all my years, this is one of the most interesting experiences. I got a kick out of it!” Usher told UsMagazine.com. “It looked worse than it actually was. My audience and I got a good laugh.”

The fan apologised profusely after accidentally striking Usher in the face and the pair hugged afterwards. The star hopes the fan isn’t feeling too bad about the episode and wants to make clear he isn’t angry or injured.

“Wherever you are baby, don’t feel bad,” Usher added “No hard feelings.”

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