Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nothing to do.

3 names in your message inbox
- Amin, Katty and Zaid

your main ringtone
- Radiostar- Pada Senyummu

what u did at 12 last night?
- As usual, facebook, twittera and tumblr.

who was the last person you went out with?where?
- Baba, and adik. Watch worldcup at stall big screen! :D

the colour of t-shirt you're wearing now
- White

3 of your everyday favourite items
- Laptop or pc, handphone em mouse? hehe

the colour of your bedroom
- White maybe, no color! haha

how much money in your wallet now?
- How much do you want?

how's life?
- Good.

your favourite song?
- Err too many. Your Guardian Angle.

what will you do next weekend?
- Hang out with my aunty, i guess.

when wast the last time you see your mum?
- Just now.

where is she now?
- Downstairs

when was the last time you talk to your parents?
- 1 hour ago.

who is the last person that talked with you last night?
- Adik.

the last surprise you got?
- Err last week? can't remember.

last thing you borrowed from your friend?
- Sunglasses

Who is your bf/gf/husband/wife?
- Let it be a secret.

what do you feel right now?
- Boring and miss my friends!

wanna share with who?
- Nobody. haha

who know your secret?
- My friends, Mira and Pedal! hahaha

they keep your secret?
- Still a secret.

are you angry with someone?
- Maybe

what do you order at Mc'D?
- Big mac or bubur ayam, baru je makan! ;)

The last time you feel so sad?
- Can't remember.

- Em you!

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