Monday, May 3, 2010

Its 2.10 am

Thanks for the celebration :D Now I'm nineteen! Hahah :))

Lama tak tiup lilin, seronok rasa macam budak budak. Thanks mama, baba, adik-adik.
All i want is happiness, success, peaceful, to be a good girl/daughter/friend/student/girlfriend/wife/grand daughter, more healthier, and all the good one. Amin, alhamdulillah. Thank GOD for giving me what i have now, i really appreciate. Ok this birthday girl is so sleepy right now, will upload the pictures tomorrow! Good night world!!!

Happy birthday to Amir Hamzah who born on the same day with me :) and Hairul Ridzuan. his birthday on 2nd of May which is yesterday! Happy birthday Malik! :))


Anonymous said...

Eh babe. Selamat tuaa

Journalist said...

Hahaha terima ksih, tua pun tua lah.
tapi still cool ahhah :))