Monday, August 11, 2014

Confuse and Complicated

Sometimes I think of you and really miss you, and sometime I don't and I don't wanna know anything about you. I'm tired. I hate this mix feelings. I am so confusing and complicated, yes I know.

I'm not ready to give commitment, but yet I want to be loved. How's that? Pretty confusing huh. I like the relationship after I let you go, I mean we don't have any special relationship but deep in our heart we know the feeling is there and the way I can be myself around you, I can act silly, and laugh and joking with you. I love all that. But when it comes to a real relationship like a lover I feel uncomfortable and awkward. That is why I don't wanna continue this relationship, I'm happy like this and I know you're not. Men wanna have a real relationship so that people will know hey, that's my girl (this is what I'm thinking). I always think if we be lover now, later when we get married this relationship is going to be boring. Because we have figure out everything during the dating phase and know everything about each other. So I like to have a close friends kinda relationship then when the time comes and both ready in term of mental, financial, emotion, knowledge and everything then we just get married and we can do what ever we want.

So yeah,  I'm sorry. I believe in Allah plan, always. And it's true "kalau jodoh tak kemana".

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