Thursday, December 26, 2013


How are you guys? Lama tak update. Yes, I'm so busssyyy with assignments, seminar and presentations. Urghh I hate presentation! Hectic week and homesick and stress because final exam starts next week!! I have lots of stories need to share, Too many stories, crush, love, problems, trip, home, cats, friends and more. Hehe I but this blog dah tak privacy haha. Anyway I will story later.  *I know I dont have many readers but still ada org juga baca and bahaya haha :P*

Now I start missing my friends, the memories we had back then and all the funny things happened I miss them. I think this is my best classmates ever, I mean during my diploma I have lots of friends and they are nice to me, they are helpful and macam-macam lah. But this time lain, dulu everybody have their own group and "puak" so we not mix around well. I do tapi kitaorg macam tak unite tau. But now, even though we have our gang, we still care of each other, help each other, gelak suka duka semua lah. I feel like I have another one big family. My guy friends pun sporting, and even some of us come from different state we still love and accept each other. I don't how to describe my feelings, when I said it, I mean it. So yeah people akan cakap alaa poyo la Liyana ni, macam la tak jumpa lepas ni bla bla bla. Tapi entah la, that's how I feel and yes again, I love you guys and I will miss you. :) Wish you guys all the best and success in life. Take care, macma biasa kawen jangan lupa jemput and don't forget me. Kalau selisih bahu tegur lah insyaAllah ingatnya. Hee Till then, will update later. Bye! Muah *flying kiss*

P/s: All the best for Finals! Break a leg! Dean list ye, amin ;)

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