Sunday, August 21, 2011


I'm not sure about my feeling
This is all because of you
You took away my heart
And you didn't return it back
I lost it, lost it

Oh please, I don't wanna be alone again
I don't wanna see empty seat behind me everyday
I wanna hear your voice before I go to bed
I need you to listen to the beat of my heart
Calling your name, singing your song
Come back darling, come back

I wish you are here with me right now
I could sing to you, until you fall asleep on my chest
Laying under the morning cloud
Until we decide to get married
Honey I am ready, I am ready now

I don't wanna be a fool again
I don't wanna be the same girl again
I am gonna be new, I am gonna be new
Did you forget about everything that we've done
All the tears
Just hold on, don't leave.


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WXYZ said...

Hey Liyana,
Thanks for the credit.
Keep on reading.