Sunday, March 28, 2010

Taxi Drift was totally COOL!!!

The Cars

Me and Malik

This car and this driver was my taxi drift! You rock dude!
Nampak biasa je kan! Haaa jangan pandang sebelah mata. :)

Hot car

Hot drifter ngan awek cun :)

That is Ajim. He remaind of my brother also call Ajim.
p/s mata pun sama hee ;p

Whooaa!!! Berasap!

Waiting our turn

Kim's car!

Oh I want more baby! You just pay Rm5 and there you go drift drift! It was AWESOME! Totally rock. Don't know what to say, I just scream "whooaahh whaahuuuu!!" and I told the drifter "you rock!" Then he smile heheh. Oh the car, not so stlyle but the drift was so great! Here some picture and video to share. Oh am I still dreaming? Daa! You're in the car lah Liyana! Whoaahhh the best ever! :D

(*Sorry guys video will update soon, line broadband lembab. Thank you.)

The test? Err 50/50. Oh he's trying to talk to me, I guess. Forget about it.
Time to sleep! Oh I want more! Love taxi drift! Good night world! Muahhx ;D

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